Chicken Shield Radio Fence Transmitter

This is an idea I had (patent pending) for a portable transmitter to activate the radio fence collars on my dogs.

The problem was the dogs had a taste for chickens. And I like to have chickens.

My daughter suggested I use the radio fence collars the dogs already wore and put transmitters on the chickens... on the face of it, impossible, it would drain the battery way to quickly.

However, I built it anyway.

Basically this is a small transmitter that will activate PetSafe brand FENCE collars. This will not work with the "remote training" collars, nor will it work with other brands. Though some of the Chinese knock off collars will detect the signal from these, I only certify them to work with the PetSafe collars.

This is powered by a single AAA battery. I get from one to two weeks of run time from a rechargable battery.

I appologize for the crudity of the case. If these sell I will have a better case injection moulded, but for now it is ran off on my 3D printer.

NOTE: The battery in the picture is for scale, and is NOT included.


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