PicGuard PicKit PIC programmer protector

The PicGuard attachment fits between your PicKit 3, 4, or 5 programmer/debugger and the microcontroller circuitry you are programming. It protects your expensive PicKit programmer from accidental overvoltages and polarity reversals, which have destroyed PicKits in the past. The PicGuard protects against over-voltage conditions up to 90 volts AC or DC, as well as reversed polarity on any pins. The PicKit programmer will never "see" more than 6.2 volts on any pin, and no less than -0.7 volts negative, both within its tolerance.

You can leave the PicGuard permanently attached to your PicKit programmer. It works with all modes of operation, including high- and low-voltage programming via ICSP, JTAG, and all debugging operations. It is transparent to the PicKit while providing robust protection. It is compatible with versions 3 (via a 6-pin adapter), 4, and 5.


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