1) Do you sell a dual axis tracker/can two of these be used to make a dual axis tracker?

A: Yes, two of these, one mounted for east west, and the other mounted for north south, can be used as a 2 axis tracker.

2) I want to use a big motor/can I use motor X/can I use actuator X?
A: The following is the capacities of my boards. Note that this is motor STALL current, or the amount of current the motor or actuator draws under LOAD. If you use the unloaded current to pick a tracker, it will work, but only until you get a mechanical jam or your limit switch breaks, then it will burn up the tracker or blow the fuse.
- 24V and 36V boards - 1.5A
- 12V regular boards - 4A
- 12V high power boards 8A
- 12V relay modules - 30A
- 24V relay modules - 15A
- 36V relay modules - 10A

3) Can you provide a circuit diagrahm?
A: No. Sorry, but we do not provide schematics for our products.

4) If I buy two do I get a volume discount?
A: Our profit margin is pretty slim. Sorry, we cannot do volume discounts for less than 10 boards.

5) Do you combine shipping. NOTE: all shipping is USPS.
A: Whenver possible we will put additional boards in the same box and not charge additional shipping.

6) Will this work in the Southern hemisphere?

7) Can I put it in weather tight box and use remote sensors?
Yes. In fact we sell remote sensors to do exactly that, or you are welcome to make your own.

8) Can you do a custom board that does -something or other-.
Yes. However, due to part and board volume costs, minimum order for custom boards is 50 boards.

9) Can it park in the east in the morning?
Analog board: No. This board will not park in the east. Using the KISS design principal, these are designed with a wide field of view and will track back to the east fist thing in the morning.

Digital board: Yes. The Digital boards have a parking feature that can be enabled.

10) What is your phone number, I want to talk to you about -something-.
Sorry, but in order to keep our prices low, we do not provide telephone support. However, we will be happy to answer any questions you have via email.


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