Digital Vent Controller

Digital Vent Controller for your greenhouse. This is used to control an actuator or small DC motor based system to open and close greenhouse windows, or to pull shade cloth down for greenhouse tempurature control..

- gives you precise digital control over what temperature your windows open and close at. There is an upper and a lower setting..
- I.E, you set the lower setting at 40F and the upper at 90F, and the controller will close the windows on your greenhouse when it gets below 40F inside, and open them when it gets above 90F.
- One linear actuator or motor can easily be configured to pull on a cable to operate multiple windows at the same time..
- Freeze and overheat protection for your plants.
- User selectable Celsius/Fahrenheit readout.
- Here is a video of one of my controllers opening two windows at the same time.
- Here is a video of the entire system including the actuator setup.
- Digital settings adjustable from 32F to 104F

- input power: 12VDC (you supply, must have enough capacity to run your motor)
- sensors used: MCP9700 linear active thermistors

I rate the output section of this circuit board for 4A 12V actuators. Note that you can easily run 24V or 36V actuaotrs at 12V with reduced speed and force.

I include a temperature sensor with this item. It is a linear active temperature sensor that has been cased and potted, with short piece of wire attached so you can extend it for your project.


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