Relay Booster Module

Some people who buy my tracker boards want to run BIG motors with them. I always say: "This can be wired to control relays to move arbitrarily large motors", and I provide this link for directions on how to do this here.

However, some don't want to wire the relays themselves. For these I have provided this relay module. This should be used when you are wanting to run BIG motors with my trackers.

12V - 30 amps
24V - 15 amps
36V - 8 amps

If you are not sure whether to get the relay module, send me an email and I'll help you choose. Most people who use actuators don't need this module. Builders who are using their own motors may or may not. Builders using drill motors should use the relay module.

You should use limit switches in your design unless what you are controlling is free to move in a full circle, or they are built into your actuators. Here is a good link on how to wire limit switches:

Please note that I sell 12V, 24V, and 36V versions of these, as well as an optional case. You will need to specify which version when you check out.