SBE Solar Tech weather enclosure

This is one of the Chinese four channel remote controls available here on Ebay and elsewhere. I have added a wiring harness and instructions (in English...) for connecting this to any of the SBE Solar Tech Digital trackers. These will only work with my Digital trackers.

NOTE: These require the latest code revision on the tracker board (MK3.1). If you buy the tracker from me at the same as the remote I will of course flash the latest code. If you have an older Digital tracker then this remote won't work.

These have four channels. This remote kit can control TWO of my Digital trackers, for instance east-west and north-south.

Included in the kit. 4 channel remote (tested and fixed if necessary...), wiring harness, instructions.

All of these use the same channel, but can be configured to use a different one easily enough. If you would like that, simply request it when you purchase.


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